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Why Choose KF94 Full Automatic Mask Making Machine?

kf94 automatic mask making machine
                                                                KF94 FULL AUTOMATIC MASK MAKING MACHINE
KF94 Automatic Mask Making Machine is an automated fish-shaped mask customized according to the market demand of Korean customers.Such as China market’s KN95 Mask,The united stated N95 Mask.

1. The Korean version of KF94 automatic one-to-one fish-shaped mask machine is suitable for the production of Korean KF94 standard masks. Its functional characteristics are that it can be formed at one time through processes such as automatic feeding, nose-crossing, ultrasonic welding, contour cutting, fabric folding, slicing, and earband welding. This machine has the characteristics of high automation, simple operation and more humane features. It can reach 45~60pcs/min per minute.
kf94 mask
                                                                                              KF94 Mask 
2.The masks produced by the Korean version of KF94 automatic mask machine are comfortable to wear and have good filtering effects. They are suitable for Asian faces and are suitable for medical and health, electronics, mining, construction and other industries. Its protective effect is the same level as KN95 masks, N95 masks and European FFP2 masks.
3.In terms of design, the Korean version of KF94 fully automatic one-to-one fish-shaped mask machine can be fully automated, easy to operate, and one person can be on duty; the whole machine is small in size, small in area, beautiful and sturdy; it can automatically count, thereby effectively controlling production Efficiency and production schedule.

If you have interest or have the plan of KN94 Full Automatic Mask Making Machine,you are welcomed all the time!