Four mask machine sold to Egypt

Two elastic mask machines and two KF94 mask machines are sold to customers in Egypt
First we look at the elastic mask machine
Our factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production of mask machines and wet wipe machines. The machine of the mask machine is constantly updated and the technology is constantly upgraded. At present, an elastic mask machine can produce 300-400 pieces per minute. The machine is controlled by a servo motor and ultrasonic, so the whole machine runs very stably. Egyptian customers were originally in the mask business and wanted to expand the scale of production, so they took a fancy to the high-speed elastic earband mask machine. The customer said that it was our machine that convinced him the most. Seeing our face mask machine is updated from generation to generation, customers trust us very much.
The KF94 mask machine produces fish-shaped masks, which are 3D three-dimensional masks, so the masks are popular in many countries. The masks produced can be exported to countries with severe epidemics. Indeed, this is a very good investment opportunity. One of our KF94 mask machines can produce about 150 pieces per minute. The production speed is higher than that of its peers and the quality is also very reliable.
high speed elastic mask machine

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