Innovative Single Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

In the fast-paced world of consumer goods, the demand for convenient and hygienic products has led to the development of advanced packaging solutions. Among these, the single sachet wet wipes packing machine stands out as a remarkable innovation. This machine is designed to produce and package wet wipes in individual sachets, ensuring ease of use and maintaining the product’s sterility.

Functionality and Process The single sachet wet wipes machine is adept at handling various types of wipes, including sterilizing alcohol pads, disinfectant wipes, and makeup wipes1. The process begins with folding the non-woven fabric, which is then cut and inserted into the sachet. A precise amount of liquid is injected into the package, followed by sealing, cutting, and notching to facilitate easy opening1.

Innovative Single Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

Innovative Single Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

Key Features One of the machine’s notable features is its ability to fold wet wipes in different configurations, with the capability of horizontal folding up to four times1. It boasts a double-sealing mechanism to prevent any leakage of the liquid. The machine’s body is constructed from stainless steel, offering both aesthetics and durability.

Specifications The machine can handle packaging sizes ranging from 50-110mm in length, accommodating various wipe sizes. It operates at a packaging speed of 60-120 bags per minute, with a dosing range of 0-5ml, ensuring an accurate liquid volume control with an error margin of about 0.01ml per time1.

Applications and Advantages This packaging machine is not only suitable for the hygiene and cleaning product industries but also offers significant advantages in terms of operation. It requires low electricity and air consumption, is easy to clean, and provides a much lower operational cost1.

In conclusion, the single sachet wet wipes packing machine is a testament to the advancements in packaging technology. It meets the modern-day requirements of efficiency, hygiene, and convenience, making it an essential asset for manufacturers in the wet wipes market.

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