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Fully Automatic Wet Wipes Production Machines are highly efficient industrial machines that are specialized in producing various types of wet wipes products. These machines are capable of handling non-woven fabrics, cutting them into wipes of desired sizes, folding and packaging them. The technology and equipment of fully automatic wipes machines include several key components that ensure high efficiency in the production process and quality of the product.

Technical features of fully automated wipes machines

Fully automated wipes machines typically have the following technical features:

High speed cutting: the machine is capable of cutting at speeds of up to 800 cuts per minute.

Multiple Folding Modes: Supports a variety of wipes folding types, including Z-fold, C-fold, W-fold, etc.

Precise liquid addition: capable of accurately adding up to 350% liquid according to the dry weight of the non-woven fabric.

Intelligent control system: Equipped with advanced electro-pneumatic system and PLC control system to realize fully automatic operation.

High efficiency: Overall efficiency is more than 95%, ensuring the continuity and stability of production.

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Main technical equipment

The main technical equipment of the fully automatic wet wipes machine includes:

Folding machine: responsible for folding the cut non-woven fabrics according to the preset pattern.

Slitter: to slit the large rolls of non-woven fabrics into small pieces of required size.

Automatic Feeding System: Automatically feeds the slit wipes into the packing machine.

Horizontal Shape Filling and Sealing Machine: Used to pack the folded wipes.

Quality Control Unit: Checks the quality of the product through camera to ensure that each piece of wipes meets the standard.

Wetting system: to add the prepared liquid evenly to the non-woven fabric.

Labeling system: add the required labels to the package, such as product information, brand logo, etc.

Production flow

The production process of a fully automated wet wipes machine usually includes the following steps:

Preparation of non-woven fabrics: Selecting suitable non-woven fabrics and loading them onto the machine.

Preparation of cleaning liquid: Prepare the appropriate amount of cleaning liquid according to the product demand.

Wet treatment: Spray the cleaning liquid evenly onto the non-woven fabrics.

Cutting and folding: The machine automatically cuts and folds the moistened fabric into wipes.

Packing operation: Pack the folded wipes and seal them.

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