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How to Chose Suitable Four Side Wet Wipes Machine?

wet wipes machine
                                                                                   WET WIPES MACHINE

1. The choice of the four-side sealing wet wipes machine can be determined according to the allowable output, packaging speed, packaging weight and packaging size. The length of the product and the analysis of its composition determine how many packages per minute the packaging design speed can reach. The wet wipes machine will produce the final product after a series of operations (such as forming, folding, bagging, adding liquid and sealing the non-woven fabric).
2. When purchasing a four-side sealing wet wipes machine, users will pay more attention to the price, not just the price. If you only care about the price, some packaging machines are cheap when focusing on packaging machines, because the components of the packaging machine are different from the packaging machine's internal principles, so their service life is also different.
3. Choose the four-side sealing wet tissue machine. When purchasing, we should try our best to choose a manufacturing company with research and development capabilities and ensure after-sales service.
If the four-side sealing wet wipes machine is used for a long time, especially under continuous work and overload conditions, some electrical and mechanical failures are prone to occur, such as improper sealing, machine shutdown and detachment, and the fuse is blown during operation. During this period, a harsh sound was emitted, the temperature could not be controlled, the finished packaging bag was deformed and bent at the seal, and bubbles or irregular marks appeared at the stamp of the seal knife. Therefore, we are using it to standardize operations as much as possible, and to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of the four-side sealing wet wipes machine to extend its service life.